Sunday, August 30, 2009

surely this will get easier???

sadness abounds! i blogged and blogged and blogged, so proud of my blogging. only to have it get deleted when i was deleting some photos i didn't need... why??? i don't know how you select to delete something and then the whole thing goes bye-bye??? well, i have shopped around for a new blog 'spot' and really, they all have a learning curve from what i can tell. at least there does seem to be A LOT of help for blogger. i will just have to do some prayin' and know that actually blogging will be the best source for learning to blog. gah. not fun. well, at least not ALL fun... and don't really like it when it's alllll fun??? i certainly don't like 'wasting' time learning during nap times, i know that!!! lol...

so, earlier i had a post that i am going to go back and work on... so, hopefully, i will be back with what's on my mind shortly.... pray for me!

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