Sunday, August 23, 2009

a new first...

i wish i had remembered to take my camera to mike's parent's last night... we went over late yesterday afternoon to visit. during the summer, that almost always means swimming too. giles has a safe-t-seal swim floatie that he's learned to swim with in the past few weeks. it is something that helps him stay afloat, but he's got to work in order for it to work. in other words, if he just sits there, it turns him all caliwonky and he freaks out. but since he's gotten a handle on how to work it, he's had a ball jumping in the pool, going under, coming up and swimming to the steps. over. and over. and over again. so we did that yesterday evening- even though it was a cool evening and the pool was a little chilly. and i finally got a pic of giles with mike's parents- mimi and's so hard to remember to get pics of giles with everyone.... and that's one i have been meaning to get more of!
and as for the new first... giles ate dinner with us at the dinner table tonight. no more high chair! he did great. he sure felt like a big boy!!! at preschool he sits in a chair to eat and so i think he thought that would be fun to do at home as well. so we pulled out the booster we take to the beach and off he went! he even wanted to eat a chicken wing all by himself... we're holding off on that for now ;)
hope everyone had a great weekend... i am SO happy about this fall weather... it signifies so many things i love are right around the corner!!! football being the first.... then our beach trip.... the decorating for and of course all of the fabulous food that comes with fall...homemade spaghetti and chili- yum! i love having the doors and windows open and wearing fleece--- oh and burning my favorite candles, frasier fir...yum!!!