Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the Approximate casserole...

First of all, I am sad. I forgot to take a picture of the finished product! However, it was good enough that I will make it again and make up for the transgression then.

What's the Approximate Casserole? A last ditch desperate attempt to feel domestic and also use the last of the rotisserie chicken that I just didn't want to throw out!
I am queen of wanting to find a perfect recipe, not finding exactly what I am looking for and then just putting together a 'mess o stuff' -the following is an example:

  • somewhere between 2-4 cups of rotisserie chicken (my FAVORITE and only kind i will buy is the traditional seasoning one at Walmart... i have been disapointed by too many rot chicks to buy anywhere else--- and rot chick is exactly how i write it on my grocery list!) placed in the bottom of the dish (i used a 2.5qt round bowl)
  • enough frozen vegetable mix (like veg all, but frozen- i do not like the texture of canned veg all) to cover the top of the chicken layer
  • a glob of reduced fat sour cream, only about 1/2 a cup based on the size of the container and how much was left
  • a can of cream of mushroom soup
  • a can of cream of chicken soup
  • 2T of frozen vegetable seasoning mix (it's found with the vegetable in the freezer section and it is a mix of onions and maybe peppers? that are already seasoned??? very good- adds great flavor!)
  • and 1 can of water chestnuts that are already sliced, i then slice them into strips... i LOVE the crunch!
  • oh, and i also added some chopped pecans
  • for the topping i used fried onions and saltine crackers... didn't have too much of either...
  • cooked for 35 min at 350, added the topping and cooked for about 5 more minutes...

DELICIOUS! Kinda surprised it turned out as good as it did. But it will grace the table again... also would make a great freezer meal for a friend... or for yourself for later!

That's all folks! It's been a glorious afternoon here... thunderstorms (which i LOVE) and organizing... can't beat that!