Monday, August 3, 2009

First day of Pouncing Pandas....

here are a few pictures from yesterday at Open House... i just wasn't able to get pictures into my post yesterday... blogging must come in small chunks

giles has been helping me in the kitchen at home... seems to have rubbed off...

giles found a train to hang with... that's always a good thing

here is giles with ms kisha and ms megan

some of the sweet friends giles will be in class with this year

First of all... I think I have a lot to learn about blogger. Yesterday I had a great post 'all prepared' but it just didn't go so well. It turned out to be less than I was hoping for. I have to figure out how come it is all of my pictures end up at the top of my post??? Would LOVE to have some insight on that!

So, today I took Giles to his new class at First Pres. He went in without a hitch. WHAT?!?!? Wow! That was awesome! So glad about that. He headed over to his friend Jack and started playing cars and such. He's bound to be a little confused... last year (which technically was just 2 weeks ago...) he had another Jack in his class and to make it absolutely confusing for him, there is another kid in his class that LOOKS like the OLD Jack, but his name is Kamden. Whoa.

We'll have a pretty fun and exciting week this week. We're expecting company. When Giles comes home from school on Wednesday he'll be happy to greet his cousins who will be coming to town! My sister is braving the highway with all 4 of her kiddos. We're so glad they'll be spending some of the last days of their summer vacation with us!! We're planning on cooking out and hanging out... And with Christmas in July (aka...Giles' birthday) having just occurred I am sure that there won't be a shortage of things to do and toys to play with. While they are here we're also planning a trip to McWane Science Center in Birmingham hopefully followed up by lunch at my favorite spot of all time- Cocina Superior in Brookwood Village. If you haven't ever been there... either hurry and go because it's the very best mexican food on the planet OR stay far away because it's the very best mexican food on the planet... to further tempt you...head on over to , go on... you'll thank me. I am sure it will be fun times. And once they are gone, then I will come here to be sad that their visit was all too short.
Better scoot along... have the house to tidy and recipes to devour. With 5 kids and 3 adults, we need to have a nice variety for all of the appetites in the house. I am thinking Banana Nut Bread, my grandmother's recipe... some pigs n'blankets because they're easy... a little cooking out, but not sure what yet... we'll see... I will post pictures, if I feel that there's anything worthy!
'til later... xoxo