Sunday, August 30, 2009

here i go again... countdown and a little repurposing... take 2

it's with complete certainty that i say, this town's about to come unglued. you see, football season kick-off is next weekend. the countdown to football probably starts in early summer, around these parts. it's kind of a year 'round thing, actually. but the simmer really starts about summer time. like, we're talking number of days until kick-off are on the front page of the sports section, kind of simmer. i am all about the season myself..... to me it means one fired up husband, lots of fun tailgating fare- even when at home, and that windows being raised and fires in the fireplace are juuuuuuust around the corner. that is bliss for me... saturday at home with the fam, cooking some delights, windows up, fire blazing, radio blaring on the stereo while the game plays on the t.v. that's pretty good stuff.... so, obnoxious countdowns don't bother me, they just remind me of all of the fun times to come....

this morning my hubs asked, when i showed him my latest project- a repurposing of a piece of what might easily have been garbage (a variance on my earlier DIY project i shared),- if repurposing is just a newer, more hip (my words paraphrasing, not his) version of recycling. i would have to say, 'not'. so, i repurposed a 5 gallon (is that right?, it was huge, not totally sure on the measurements) ice cream bucket from my son's second birthday. i kept it thinking that surely, with all of his things, my things, our things, there was sure to come a time when i was really hunting for a lidded storage container. and this very thing happened yesterday. giles has a bunch of wooden blocks. some i have in a candy jar type container on his shelves- part play toy, part display on his shelves. i kept some out for him to have access to more easily and they are stored in a plain, white bag that came with the set. it has this velcro closure on it that wraps around and gathers the opening of the bag to close it. he's not a big fan of this. not to mention, when he cleans up, it's hard for his little self to hold open the sack and actually get the blocks back inside. so i looked around for a basket to use, or something and that is when i remembered that i had kept the ice cream bucket. and also, that i had this new, nifty way to make an ugly top to a container cute! so, i raided my scrapbook paper supply, found a cute striped paper (that was a lighter weight paper than the ones in my original project which does make it easier to work with, as i had figured) and went to work. here's how it all turned out, kinda cute?

proud to be using a protractor twice in a month, after all these years... ha, ha...

glue the lid with the mod podge onto the circle cut out, remember to leave
about 1/2in edge longer than what it takes to completely cover the sides

so today has challenged me with blogging.... i have lost an entire entry trying to learn how to delete pictures... i still am challenged by uploading pictures and dealing with the order they appear on the blog... but it's coming along. i spent a good chunk of time today shopping google for blogs that are more simple and user friendly than blogger. as you can see, i am still here. there's a hitch with all of them, so i think i'll stay put for awhile. due to picture posting issues, there's actually one more post to come... hopefully it'll be along here shortly, it's a little dinner ditty that might make one fun night in the kitchen for you and your kids!

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A woman after my own heart. I love some mod podge ;)