Monday, February 8, 2010

green, not brown...yay!

i won't post a just wouldn't be pretty, green OR brown! me, i have found the secret! guacamole doesn't have to turn brown after all!!! i have tried EVERY tip out there on keeping guac green... plastic wrap directy on top of the guac to keep out air, lemon juice, lime juice, the pit of the avacado put into the guac, name it, i have tried it! but never, ever had i heard about adding sour cream. but i read it in a blog {going to go back and figure out which one b/c i can't put my hands on it right now and there is a better description of why it works...}. and honestly, it didn't excite me to read it. i guess i was a doubter. and i just didn't like the idea of adding that ingredient to my guacamole. but, i did. and i am so tickled! it worked like a charm!!! and one other tip i picked up from my friend, she's from argentina- not sure if that has anything to do with the fact her guac rocked!!!- but she uses the food processor for all of the ingredients except the avacado. {i really couldn't recall from our conversation if she included the tomatoes or not, i did not} that turned out to be a great idea!!!
ok...i found a pic of guac...and this is how green mine is on day 2--- yay!
as far as a recipe goes... i totally winged it... publix had haas avacados on sale 2/$1...wowzah!!! couldn't pass up that price...and to the 4-5 avacados, i added juice of fresh lime, minced garlic {jarred, not fresh- have not ever used fresh garlic...okay, maybe once...jarred=easier}, cumin, chili powder, fresh ground pepper, salt, fresh cilantro- all of this went into food processor which then was added to the mashed avacados & sour cream {about a tablespoon or so}. i forgot to mention, my avacados were bought on sat to use on sun and they were not ripe. i read online {somewhere} to ripen avacados use a paper bag and add a tomato or apple. i didn't have a paper bag, so i used newspaper {also suggested at same unknown site} and i put in an apple AND tomato. and it worked! i would say it took close to 24 hrs, but it worked!!! yay!!! i finished up the guac by adding 4-5 diced roma tomatoes, i salted and peppered them before adding. it was a touchdown. {sorry} geaux guac!!! {again, sorry...}

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