Monday, February 8, 2010

Feb 8

where is gilesy???
here i is!!!
this is a fun little game we play...
it can pretty much make any frown
turn upside down!

today was a hard day for mama
when i went to pick up g from preschool
i got a bad report
gilesy bit two friends at school today
his teacher said he was very sad after
and he apologized to his friends and the teachers
but i still felt like we needed a little reinforcement
so we visited with ms pamela,
the preschool director.
very kindly we discussed
how teeth are for eating
not for tasting our friends
hopefully we've learned...
he's a little under the weather &
i am hopeful that is what is the catalyst for this....
gilesy, you are sweet boy
i feel pretty certain that you won't make this behavior a habit
....and for that i am so grateful....

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