Thursday, January 21, 2010

scattered...but grateful

it has been a challenge to keep up this blog. i have soooo  many thoughts and ideas i want to share---but time does not always allow. i made a resolution to keep a blog journal for my son, giles.

i just want him to have a fun way to remember his days... that hasn't been too hard. there is a focus, and it is my precious little---not hard to focus on at all! so check it out sometime here. It's mostly snippets geared to family & close friends who know us and giles, certainly not overflowing with excitement, but meaningful all the same.
so, hence the word scattered. i wish my thought process was concise and methodical more than it is... and my life more scheduled,'s not. at least not yet. my goal of 2010 is overall lack of chaos in my house. i want any emergency that comes my way to be made less hectic because my house is in order. if i am called from home at a moment's notice- i want that to be ok. if i need to host a party, meeting or girl's nite, i want to be able to quickly offer our house---not sit back wanting to offer it but not because of the state of messiness. and laundry. how difficult can that be???? really???? do a load a day and be done with it. actually, the 'doing' the load- not the problem, the folding and putting AWAY the load? problem.
so, i am working on the Flylady philosophy--- she's got a great way of reminding you to do things, a little at a time...which is really the perfect speed. great ideas---might be a little too much for some, but certainly has some take-aways for all.
my crafty side is certainly getting satiated lately. Easter is the first sunday in april... so i have been painting baskets like a mad woman---only to get 'madder' as the weeks tick by. orders started coming in early jan which was such a blessing. it can be so difficult to shake the holiday bug and get down to business in the new year. especially when life is already so full that it is mid-jan before the christmas tree came down (it WAS a naked christmas tree---but still???) i am working on my computer literacy...but honestly, that is something that takes a fresh brain--and sometimes my available time and my fresh brain don't meet up at the same time...and so learning is going at a slow crawl. thankfully blogger made some improvements that i can't complain about... if you haven't tried the updated editor, i recommend you do! you can always go back to the ways of slow and painful if you would like! i think amanda from amanda and kevin's blog gives you a tutorial on it....(ok, i just went to try to find it---no dice...but i swear that is where i read i said, it's not hard...just in your settings on blogger) but check out amanda's blog anyway---super duper talented and recently lost some weight and shared info on girl! Amanda's blog
but, as you can see...i got off topic a bit.... so it is Easter basket ordering time... working on a cute new design or two, but the oldies seem to be keeping everyone's attention so not much time is left to work on new...i need to remember that in june and july....i would like to insert a slideshow in the blog, but i am just going to have to leave you with a link instead... i am selling them in my etsy shop... PinkPeepsPlace on etsy most designs are there, but there are still several i have not gotten around to loading on... so all designs are shown here--- some are older pics, so you get the idea, but their cuteness factor has been tweaked a little...but, just to see... Easter basket slideshow
here is a sneak peek...

so, hopefully you enjoyed this short update, i feel MUCH better! getting back in the swing of things...inspired, i must say, by my sweet Lord lovin' friend ashley...
and i will leave you with this thought from my friend Teresa G. (who got it from my friend Laura L.)
Happiness is when what you think, what you say,
and what you do are in harmony.

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i am going to comment on my own blog--- i don't understand why blogger offers the option of xlarge pics if they are just going to get cut off when you post???? veeerry frustrating!!!