Tuesday, July 7, 2009

i have procrastinated enough.

this is our self-portrait at James River in Richmond, VA

here's what folks do on the James River... they hang out on really awesome boulders in the water!!!

i insisted we hike around the river...how peaceful is this? and it's in the center of the city!!!!

here's Giles scooting around Dr Buettner's seat in his office... gotta kill some time somehow...

like i said... gotta kill some time somehow....

this is me with Giles waiting for Dr Buettner, it was 2 year check up time- ALREADY!!!

well.... i have no idea how this will go. i just know that i am completely fed up with the other website i was using for a "blog". so, i am trying my hand at blogging here on blogger. hmmmm.... i am thinking there will be a leeeaaaarrrrnnnning curve.

like, how do i add pictures? i am about to go learn about that. hope to find it is not a total pain to do... i bet i will have to resize and do junk like that... yuck. i am sounding positive, right? ha!

oooohhhh... arg. see? i wanted that picture of me with giles at the doctor this morning to go UNDER what i had just written. and it shows up above!!!! arg. arg. arg. who has time? we've got swimming to do!!!!!!!!
ok... so REALLY annoyed now. now allll the pics i posted are above the type!


Ashley Eiler said...

love the blog...and i love the pics...you will get used to it!!

J said...

Loved reading your blog. Your little boy is precious! And those river shots...in the middle of the city??? Unbelievable! So fun!

~~~~~ The House of Big Cheese~~~~ said...

You must have disabled your other comments...or else I am not real bright...It may be the latter ;)

Just wanted to let you know I found ya in the blogasphere ;)